Lollipop Girl


Posted by Joe

Characters: Akame Ga Kill, Chelsea,

4 February 2016
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  • joe: Well, there still are requests for me over at that site. And as showing our commitment to members, we have to do them of course. Once I'm done with requests there, I can always go back here to do more requests.
    9 Feb 2016 01:25
  • joe: You are welcome. Glad you liked it.
    9 Feb 2016 01:20
  • Jat: Chealse as always sexy and cool She's a perfect assassin who kill her victims quietly and quickly without arranging Armageddon around during the process of killing It's so shame that she was killed only because that's was need for story But anyway thank you very much Joe for doing faptastic pic for me
    7 Feb 2016 02:48
  • sabakunogaara: Cool work again. Honestly speaking i don't know why the admins insist to keep all those pixxx sites and even bring new ones, when the easier and much cheaper is just merge all in one. In the case here Fanpixxx. Here we can ask for anything unlike the other sites that 'bind' artists's hands to a single anime. The best solution would be hire more artists and put everyone on a single site only like Fanpixxx. That's what i think. Btw we members thanks the web managers for shutting down comments f...
    rom non members. This is the best way to keep all sites free of spamers, trolls, haters and fetish haters, false acusations and comments that will just stress the artists even more than the stress they already suffer from drawing. Good one guys. Thank you. (OBS: They still needs to shut down comments for Animepixxx). PEACE FOR ALL ARTISTS AT LAST!!!!
    5 Feb 2016 18:04
  • Chaos: I completely agree with Don/fish1337, you should switch full to fanpixx for many reasons after all you already said you really enjoyed doing stuff that isn't Bleach and you isn't very comfortable with to having deal with Kubo's style plus as for me you it's really very interesting to seeing how you having fun with many others animes. And shouldn't talk that "Bleach" manga almost ended while still any news about comeback anime in the air and that's may mean only one the future of Bpixxx is not...
    very promising
    5 Feb 2016 11:50
  • joe: Thank you. To be honest, I'm thinking of spending more time here if the traffic on this blog improves. At the moment, there's more requests on Bleachpixxx that needs to be taken care of too. Though I'm enjoying myself more here since there's so much variety when it comes to characters and art styles. I guess I've been in Bleachpixxx too long and want some sort of change in the workload.
    4 Feb 2016 23:05
  • joe: Thanks. I'm still compiling my workload for this site so it's taking a bit more adjusting. I'll check that suggestion box.
    4 Feb 2016 23:01
  • Don/fish1337: this looks really good, i think you should switch full to fanpixx because since you are here you pics have improved really nice. Your Ino and Tenten pic was very good too and your hestia pic was amazing :)
    4 Feb 2016 14:05
  • Chaos: She looks familiar but I still can't remember who is that girl But thanks the new suggestion box it's not a problem to find request from this guy and get that she's Chelsea from "Akame ga kill" Actually it's was pretty cool and interesting anime and her death was one of biggest asspull in this show Shame that you Joe don't know how should working with the new suggestion box to be able to see old requests on your work list But anyway this is very nice art
    4 Feb 2016 12:09

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