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Esdeath's Christmas Costume

Characters: Akame Ga Kill, Esdeath,

22 December 2017
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  • Wolfer: Do not worry dragonshiryu, Joe will draw everything what you want and ignore ideas from others members because only your requests are matters while everything else just meh. I wouldn't surprised if your request will the single one that will be update on Narutopixxx while others members may not see their requests right away brcause Joe having upload issues on NPixxx at the moment.
    22 Dec 2017 23:43
  • Wolfer: Oh look at this ! Joe is lying again, why I'm not surprissed
    22 Dec 2017 23:42
  • dobachenya: Yes guys please also note that if your request is from the narutoverse, you may not see it right away as Joe may just ignore/miss any ideas from the narutoverse as he did with my Halloween themed request and Oron's and Bhadra's ideas too, but I clearly remember you did said this "I’ve made several Halloween themed requests already – requests by JJAbrams, Tyrion, valvrave, mexters, HarleyxQuinn, dobachenya, Oron, and Bhadra to name a few" and "I finished all the Halloween requests on my end" Ev...
    Even if you still having upload issues on NPixxx at the moment, then I don't see any serious reasons why you can't upload those pics here or other pixxxes like Hinatapixxx- site that is a bonus site to NPixxx. If the admin's doing the uploading for me over there for now, then why they didn't uploaded all Halloween requests that you already made ? I see only one answer: the admins and you just can't upload pics that doesn't exist Stop lying Joe and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
    22 Dec 2017 13:58
  • dragonshiryu: Question.. If I send one request for you in each site like 1 here, 1 NPixxx, 1 Bpixxx and so on will them all be done by order in the same month or do I have to wait 2-3+ months or it will be ignored or forgotten as the ones for Lexus?
    22 Dec 2017 13:51