Yuichiro will be only mine!


Posted by Joe

Characters: Seraph Of The End, Shinoa Hiragi, Mikaela Hyakuya,

2 March 2016
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  • revan9876: If you do, just as a suggestion , can it be more mika focused
    24 Apr 2017 14:32
  • revan9876: You should really make like a whole series between mika and yui fucking.
    24 Apr 2017 14:30
  • joe: The pose was given to me with a reference by the requester so didn't have much trouble making it, fortunately. Thanks!
    3 Mar 2016 10:22
  • Chaos: Honestly I think these two gonna have a many conflict in future for Yuichiro About pic This is truly looks a screen-shot from original anime characters indeed pretty similar to original concept and very interesting and creative position been chose for this image Great job Joe as always
    2 Mar 2016 16:25
  • lisario: Magnificent and brilliant piece of art !!! This is even better than I could expected Thank you very much Joe you did truly amazing job here. Thanks
    2 Mar 2016 11:36
  • Don/fish1337: guys, some updates about whats going on with the pixxx sites would be really nice and not to much to ask. it is over a week ago that lexus said he will be on bleachpixxx and we only got one pic since then, the last pic from aidan was 2 weeks ago and the overall update rate of the artists like rex, aidan and lexus is on an all time low for about 2-3 months. the comments are blocked or simply ignored even for members. so pls fix this problem or tell us what is going on because everything els...
    e would be a huge scam and could cause problems for hentai key because the "new images updated every day" is simply not true anymore and could cause members to quit or even want their money back since it is false advertising p.s. really nice pic joe, shinoa looks like in the anime good job
    2 Mar 2016 10:25

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