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Posted by Yaichi

Characters: FairyTail, Yaichi,

22 September 2015
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  • beberino: when we see these t doujins??
    6 Jun 2016 14:39
  • Hydrogen: I actually don't think that a site specially for doujins is necessary. I honestly support your idea to do doujins Yaichi, but I see no reason to make another site for that. Doujin pages could be handled like ordinary pictures. To be frankly, as there now is Fanpixxx, I have no idea why Animepixxx still exists as an individual site and isn't merged with it. Both sites have the same or quite similiar purpose as they aren't specified on certain series. Also, Fanpixxx is the newer site, more up-to-...
    date why I think it could "replace" Animepixxx.
    28 Sep 2015 20:22
  • Deathstroke: That's a good new Yaichi i really hope they can find good artists to put here and FTpixxx(that's almost abandoned). They should move Lexus to this site. And i'm not saying you are abandoning this or FT site it's just Fpixxx and FTpixxx are not being properly updated like the other pixxxes are. I really hope they can solve this issue soon or again like i said... soon they'll have to shut down the sites due lack of requests. And good luck with the doujins if you want my opinion you do better on...
    doujins than CG's. In fact you should focus in one site only, like all other pixxx artists that Works in one site only. The only thing you'll get trying to work for THREE sites is delayed requests and unsatisfied members.
    26 Sep 2015 16:28
  • Yaichi: Yes I still want to draw for this site but it's only going to be more complicated working on three sites. I don't think the new artist will take them over because I might be done with them before the doujin site is complete. It took months to make fanpixxx, so it might take me about 2 months to complete all of my current requests. And thanks for the good luck ,i'm gonna need it.
    26 Sep 2015 07:19
  • FAZZ: At least there are plenty of requests here. Do you hope to still draw for this site part time, or will the new artist be taking over your requests. Good luck on the job hunt.
    26 Sep 2015 00:51
  • Yaichi: Well FTpixxx has plenty of requests for Ferbs, and I have so little (like 3 I think) I'm trying to work on my requests for both sites as quickly as I can. It's not like I'm not trying to abandon it, I'm having difficulties with home because I'm trying o find another job for now. The admins said they're going to find a new artist after the doujin site is created.
    25 Sep 2015 21:30
  • Yaichi: That won't be necessary. I'm working on it right now.
    25 Sep 2015 21:18
  • Deathstroke: Just another word about FAZZ comment... yes man it's real sad to see such good site like this be abandoned. But the point is when will HK put some good artists here that will actually WORK to the HK and keep this site properly updated. But the way the things are going here and on FTpixxx i'd say it will probably never happen and soon they'll have to shut down this and FT due the lack of requests.
    25 Sep 2015 15:45
  • Deathstroke: Yaichi how long more should i wait for my request? just ASKING not pushing...anyway i'll be REPOSTING it again on the suggestion box.
    25 Sep 2015 15:40
  • Yaichi: It's going to be a mix of series. Until they make the doujin site, I'm just going to make one page a day. I know I haven't updated in awhile and members are probably getting angry. As for Ferbs, I don't know. He's probably still working on pics for whentai.
    25 Sep 2015 12:32
  • FAZZ: Interesting. Will the dojiins only be from the one series or are you doing to be making a mix of titles? Let us know how it turns out. The big shame would be less updates for this site. Speaking of updates, does any one know if Ferds is still around? It's been a while.
    25 Sep 2015 05:45

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