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By Request from SennaFan: https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/19693263 Have Senna (left, Bleach movie 1) and Anko (from Naruto) based on the link. Senna will have long purple hair down with no red ribbon, but with a sexy expression (not the link). Anko remain the same as the link. Keep the breasts size with pink nipples and pink, wet pussy.

Characters: Senna Inaba, Anko Mitarashi,

Tags: Senna Inaba, Anko Mitarashi, Lesbian, Big Boobs, Wet Pussy, Sexy Pose, Fanpixxx, Antient,

18 March 2023
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  • sushikilla1: As I said before, Rex just ignores majority of the members lmfao. Truly disgusting when many of the same occuring members get multiple requests done by Rex from each pixxx site ( mainly Narutopixxx, Fanpixxx, and Bleachpixxx ). Quite the favoritism Rex shows here to a few members who get more than 5-6 requests done each year while some 1 or never at all. Rex ignoring new members is just a norm around here, only if the request is simple enough or the same members, he won't be accepting your reque...
    st anytime soon.
    25 Mar 2023 09:01
  • SennaFan: @Thefeetlover You're not wrong. It update just happened without any notification which made other members frustrated. @Hornykangaroo We do need an edit on the comments and requests. Which is why you have to be careful what you write before you submit.
    23 Mar 2023 01:14
  • Hornykangaroo: I do feel sometimes an ability to edit comments or requests before the artist works would be useful as once a comment is submitted it is locked.
    23 Mar 2023 00:55
  • Hornykangaroo: The rules state that it is once every 30 days with exception of your work completed within that time period is it frustrating yes i have a request that has actually been accepted by Rex for months now and has not made progress, but I can tell Rex is probably the most backed up artist not just on this site but multiple, i do hope my work is done eventually but can't tell em too drop everything.
    23 Mar 2023 00:53
  • TheFeetlover: I said that on the other site @senna, this is ridiculous, if an artist jus ignore or skip our request just like rex do alot, we will have to wait an entire month plus pay 30$ to respost or ask a new again having a big chance for him or another artist ignore again? hell NO LOL. If i knew i wouldn't purchsed premium to ask my request here.. I'd rather to pay 25/40$ for a commission that i am 100% it will be made than pay 30$ here which I do not even know it will be made and/or if I'll even be able...
    to download it when is ready. Buuut since it is already paid and there is no turning back I got no choice but to wait. If i dont take at least 2/3 requests here to make it worth I'm gone, no way i'm paying 30$ again to download only 1 picture.
    23 Mar 2023 00:48
  • SennaFan: @Antient Alright, take care and stay healthy! @TheFeetlover I believe they updated that last summer. (either early or mid, can't remember) Members used to make multiple requests on each site but now it only one per site.
    22 Mar 2023 22:06
  • TheFeetlover: Exceuse me but how come other memebrs can send multiple requests and I cant???
    22 Mar 2023 19:57
  • Antient: @SennaFan thanks for your support! I'm having a little trouble right now, but soon everything will be fine!
    22 Mar 2023 15:53
  • SennaFan: Thank you for your hard work, Antient! Is everything okay? You seem less active
    18 Mar 2023 23:49