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The Super Hi-ERO Powers Incoming

Characters: Kenzen Robo Daimidaler, Kyouko Sonan, Kouichi Madanbashi,

28 March 2016
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  • joe: Thanks! Will aim to provide more.
    2 Apr 2016 00:52
  • FAZZ: I loved this series. It was realy funny. Great job on the pic. The characters looks spot on. Hope we get more like this.
    31 Mar 2016 16:33
  • joe: Why, thank you. Haha!
    29 Mar 2016 04:50
  • Chaos: That's simply faptastic piece of art I never seen this anime and have no idea who they are but this picture is beyond the amazing and magnificent art Greatest and Hottest pic for sure ! One of my favorites pic here from now
    28 Mar 2016 11:14