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Rin Trying Lancer's Other "Spear"

By Request from ColgateSmile04: Hi Shiva, can you remake this as Rin Tohsaka and Lancer please (2014 Fate/Stay Night: UBW Series Version) 🙂 Please keep pubic hair for Rin as well. Thank you and here's the reference https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1036062316615188622/1079419587789062204/20230226_085521.jpg

Characters: Rin Tohsaka, Lancer,

Tags: Rin Tohsaka, Lancer, Fate Stay Night, Fanpixxx, Anal,

6 September 2023
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  • ColgateSmile04: Thank a bunch Shiva! Love Tohsaka so much❤ and Lancer awesome as well. 💪
    6 Sep 2023 22:55