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Rangiku x Tsunade

By Request from TheFeetlover: Tsunade nude tanned with tiny bikini tanlines spreading her pussy position (no pubic hair) - https://www.imagevenue.com/ME17YWKI (same expression, big boobs, square long red nails, toes not long just red and lipstick) wearing only this shoes in black - https://www.imagevenue.com/ME17YWKJ . And Rangiku(long hair) near tsunade spreading her pussy and smiling also with tiny bikini tanlines in this position(try to draw her boobs if u can) - https://www.imagevenue.com/ME17YWKH (nails square long black, red lipstick, eyeshadow any color) black fishnet and this shoes in white - https://www.imagevenue.com/ME17YWKL .

Characters: Rangiku Matsumoto, Tsunade,

Tags: Renchi, Request, Fanpixxx, Hentai Key, High Heels, Tanline, Fishnet, Big Boobs,

1 May 2024
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  • TheFeetlover: Took almost a month again but at least is done thanks, and good work with matsu 😍. You are a cool artist, shame you take TOO LONG to do some requests, at least for me.. but we understand that you guys have your favorite members 👍.
    4 May 2024 01:54