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By Request from orion0825: Makise Kurisu fucked doggystyle in her soaking wet pussy like this https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4938876

Characters: Kurisu Makise,

Tags: Kurisu Makise, Steins Gate, Fanpixxx,

23 December 2019
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  • sabakunogaara: But you know rippyie in one thing you are right, about my descriptions some are really long now I'm thinking about that and I'll correct this but even so I have some requests with shorter descriptions that still were ignored who knows why, go figure. But I aint complaining about that what is done in 2019 stay in 2019, 2020 is comming and it's new year, new things.
    29 Dec 2019 15:24
  • Rippy77: Yeah sabakunogaara you usually post 1-3 suggestions at every pixxx-site without any exceptions when I'm don't doing like that, but spammer is me but not you. Absolutely every single page of every pixxx sites are filled with yours 3-7 requests but spammer is me but not you again. Only in Rex's common queue list from all pixxx-sites will be 30 different suggestions from you, sorry but compared to you I'm nothing and also need to notice Rex did 5 requests to me and 6 to you at all pixxx sites in t...
    his year, even non members can see but spammer is me but not you definitely. About flood for new artists: I had asked 17 requests to JoeH, include done rejected accepted and other, when you already asked 20 to him but how we all know the spammer here is me but not you. It's funny how you gonna to ban cheater and flooders accounts but you absolutely OK with Crayon0/Utencils who is the way worse flooder and cheater than any one here and who in one month only got more requests done by Rex than I'm did for whole year. And most funny to hear idea about ignore of beggars from one of the main beggars of all pixxx sites Seems someone wants to get an absolute monopoly in this area LOL
    28 Dec 2019 20:40
  • sabakunogaara: Compared to you guys I'm nothing LOL. I started 'spam' cuz this was the only way to get attention to have my requests done once in while and besides i usually post 1-3 suggestions but you for you guys 1-3 are not enough you spam the WHOLE PAGE 10-20+ suggestions, specially araboo flooding sites and taking turns from the ones who try only one, not to mention the name switching trick or better saying CHEATING to spam EVEN MORE. Just go and check even non members can see. Almost every single page o...
    f pixxxes sites are filled with yours and araboo's requests, if there are 30 requests in one page at least 20 will be from rippy and araboo. Lucky you guys I'm not in charge of this blog cause if i was I would've already banned cheater and flooders accounts, and if i were artist these beggars would be all ignored, but unfortunally as they dont even care about that, this will never happen.
    28 Dec 2019 16:07
  • Rippy77: Be honest I don't like this situation that original great pics getting less and less when simpler, not original pic that be redrawn and traced from other artists getting more and more on pixxx because artists prefer have deal with for simple requests that are very easy to draw and needs minimum efforts. In this moment we members have a choice or ask something original difficult to do request and await a few months, years or rest of life, or ask something simpler that easy to do and regularly get...
    your requests be done. Every one may choise what he like. Also every members may stop to do a simple requests and start to ask make only difficult ideas but in this case artists will start to do own simple pics mostly and some members will start to complains about it
    28 Dec 2019 09:11
  • Rippy77: LOL you also like to spam the pixxx but you are not very successful to get of more your requests were made. But you still do think the problem in not about you and requests, problem at about spammers. Do you wanna pari; go and make about hundred long description requests with a lot links and details and you'll be very surprissed that situation with your requests won't be change a lot. You're right Rex pretty good know who is Crayon and his cheating but he keep doing his requests doesn't matter w...
    hat because he asks for simple requests that are very easy to draw, Rex like other artists have a lot requests and have choice to take a simple request and do it for few hours or ay or take a one very long difficult request and spend a few days to do it, Drawing pics is the job for artists and they try to make their work easier by doing more simpler idea when your requests mostly supposed to be an extra migraine for artists because needs more efforts to do it. If even Rex there is a part of that game then what you do expect from others artists ? By the way about others artists: in this moment there is only a three artists who keep doing requests: Rex JoeH Claudius while other or just ignore absolutely all requests or already had quit pixxx. If you want go and complain to admins that artists don't do many requests and don't cares of fair organizing queues but admins won't be nothing about it because current situation with pixxx and artists if just catastrophic so they won't be start a new conflict with an artists because technically artists doing requests and support their month quota.
    28 Dec 2019 09:11
  • sabakunogaara: You are nothing but a flooder rippy, look how many of your and other flooders friends requests were made in 2019 among all sites and how many for the others including me were made. All what you guys do in ur miserable life is to spam hundred requests around pixxxes specially for new artists and Rex. We who humilty used/use to post only one or two at most are tarnish by your spammers, you guys even change your name to get more requests done. Your strategy may work with new artists but I doubt it...
    will work with Rex and other artists who already know you guys.
    28 Dec 2019 06:17
  • Rippy77: @sabakunogaara I have bad news for you; Nobody doesn't cares of GOOD SENSE organizing queues, no administrators, no artists, no members. Rex regularly doing many requests for Crayon every month and Rex is perfect example of how to draw 4 and more requests for one or two members and one or zero for the others per site, but you don't hurry up to ask admins to create Crayonpixxx or add a warning ''artist exclusively for few members'' because you don't want to have any conflicts with Rex. If you lov...
    e so much to talk with administrators then ask them why Sven and Nero don't accept and consider any member's requests at all, where is Renchi and Ecchizen or they are did quit Pixxx already. You crying of spam of requests in the queue list but show me at least one site that won't be yours requests there or show me at least one artist who did any of your requests and then you did't come to him with your "please make some edit, changes and add this and change this, etc" For example JoeH already did a two of your requests and guess what - "please edit this, changes something there add this" Maybe that is reason why artists do not want to deal with your requests. There is members why ask simply requests with short description and don't crying in the end when their requests been done and there is mr. sabakunogaara with his long description and many details requests and regularly something don't like in the end when his requests been done. You got wrong idea: you paid $30 to get acces to HK stuff including pixxx and be able to make requests there just as all members, you didn't paid $30 to every artists personally and your requests is not supposed to be a commissions, artists shouldn't to waste much more time to your long description requests only to draw all of your many details list to make your request perfect
    27 Dec 2019 06:11
  • sabakunogaara: Well rippy and araboo, if JoeH will draw exclusively only for you guys what is happening so far then please I ask the administrator to add a warning ''artist exclusively for araboo and Rippy77'' or create rippy77araboopixxx so nobody can send requests for him. Long descriptions, barefoot, foot fetishes and cia isnt an excuse to draw 4 or more requests for one or two members and one or zero for the others per site. So if I spam 100 requests in a row with short description it means JoeH will draw...
    100 requests for me in a row? yeah right. Like I said please let's have GOOD SENSE organizing queues.
    26 Dec 2019 14:14
  • Rippy77: @sabakunogaara seems you still haven't got some pretty obvious things: JoeH doesn't like to draw a long description requests, incest themed requests, a special males and barefoot characters especially feet, maybe and others stuff that won't been announces yet. And now look at your requests and then you'll get why he is not interested to pay more attention to yours ideas If you wanna to get more requests done by JoeH you and other members should better follow his personal rules and preferences, e...
    ither your complains won't be very effective
    23 Dec 2019 18:35
  • sabakunogaara: @Joeh: 2-4 requests for araboo and rippy77 divided among sites, lets see when you get in me and/or other members turn if we will get 2-4 requests in a row per site too. If is to be like that then you gotta do the same for everyone cuz like I said even Rex don't for his favorite members and hes the oldest HK artist.
    23 Dec 2019 14:41