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Ichika and Chifuyu

By Request from IkeLockhart1269: Hello, please draw orimura Chifuyu(https://infinite-stratos.fandom.com/wiki/Chifuyu_Orimura?file=Chifuyu_Orimura.jpg) and Orimura Ichika(https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/infinitestratos/images /d/d6/Ichika_Orimura.png/revision/latest?cb=20161010175746&path-prefix=es) from Infinite Stratos taking as reference this image https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=5706392, draw please chifuyu using a maid outfit similar to the one in this image (https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1645400&tags=reverse_cowgirl_position+maid) please ignore that the image is animated, draw your breasts out, draws an expression of pleasure on her face, the background of the image uses the interior of a living room. Thank you

Characters: Chifuyu Orimura, Ichika Orimura,

Tags: Infinite Stratos, Fanpixxx, Riding, Big Tits, Cosplay, Maid,

12 February 2024
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