Goddess Blessing


Posted by Joe

Characters: Danmachi, Hestia,

2 February 2016
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  • joe: Sadly, for this one. no. I already deleted the raw file as it eats to much space on my hard drive. Maybe next time though.
    4 Feb 2016 10:57
  • joe: Thank you. I appreciate that. The goal really is to become better at drawing so I'll continue on working on my works' flaws. Will look forward to your request.
    4 Feb 2016 10:56
  • sabakunogaara: One more thing... any chance you do a tan line version? i think she would look great with some tan lines.
    3 Feb 2016 13:08
  • sabakunogaara: And i agree with Mojo and Chaos, though is not a sex scene this girl is HOT AS HELL! her body is beautifull simply flawless. If you keep drawing hot chicks bodies like this one i believe you'll be one of the best pixxx artists congratulation Joe. Some characters faces you still needs to work, like Tsunade and some others bleach characters. i'll drop a request for you after i have the one i'm waiting from Lexus, let's see how you do :). May i ask where are you from Joe?
    3 Feb 2016 13:06
  • joe: Yeah, she was. I didn't really know about her until she started trending on some art sites.
    3 Feb 2016 12:57
  • joe: I will. Hehehe.
    3 Feb 2016 12:56
  • joe: Thank you for your feedback and I greatly appreciate that. I will take note of those important things you mentioned and will of course continue improving on my flaws.
    3 Feb 2016 12:55
  • Mojo: Hey man you know... i was never fan of your work but some of your pics like this one and the other one with Ririn for Bpixxx and a few more others you did pretty good man and i DARE to say this body proportion(not always) is hotter than the ones made by Lexus because is pretty, hot and well shaped. Though Rex and Lexus are still the kings. Though you still need to work some on a few characters faces and expressions. This is a healthy criticism, in my opinion if you keep this pattern from now...
    on u'll do pretty good on your future pictures. Keep like this and i'll drop my requests to you too Joe. I hope you keep drawing masterpieces like this one. I won't give you more than 5 stars to this picture because 5 are the maximum :).
    2 Feb 2016 20:30
  • Westes: Hey, are you gonna do some pics celebrating Valentines Day this year? Btw, what's this from?
    2 Feb 2016 16:48
  • Chaos: I didn't watched this anime but I can't lying to itself and must say she is one of the most hottest anime girls 2015
    2 Feb 2016 15:30

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