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By Request from sabakunogaara: Elle Karen(blade and soul) anal/hair loose/creampie pussy spread http://www.imagebam.com/image/a734e11304376364 fingernails hands square long/toes not long both polish white. Kimono opened exposing her body and genitals.

Characters: Elle Karen,

Tags: Elle Karen, Blade And Soul, Fanpixxx,

17 December 2019
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  • Rippy77: @sabakunogaara well actually he already started to skip and ignore queries and this is just the beginning of his work here I afraid Is just a matter of time till he start ignoring/skip almost all requests as some artists do it now:(.Also it should be mentioned that Karazu was quite popular among foot-fetishists here while JoeH never will be for obvious reasons Also he didn't accept or drew any pics for special male only unknown dicks, seems he have problems to drawing males too. Even if you find...
    him so cool artist of the same level as Rex but for many he just can't be same caliber as Rex because there is stuff that may to draw Rex only when JoeH don't able because of his personal reasons or not enough skills, I think very soon you will understand it when you got that some special requests Rex will be able to do only when JoeH will say No and you won't have other choice except ask some special ideas to Rex again. Just look at Rex' pics for last weeks and you'll see JoeH won't be able to do a half of them. That's why Rex and JoeH are in different leagues
    19 Dec 2019 18:14
  • sabakunogaara: Well he's using Karazu's picture on his avatar so I thought were him but doesnt matter he's as good as him and Rex. At least now we have two ACTIVE top artists to fulfill our requests and I have bad news for you too. Is just a matter of time till he overflow with requests and probably quit or start ignoring/skip requests :(.
    19 Dec 2019 14:51
  • Rippy77: @sabakunogaara I have bad news for you JoeH is not Karazu DEFINETLY ! Karazu has never turned down long description requests, incest thematic ideas, requests for three or more characters, Karazu was very skilled at drawing feets, while Joe wants to ignore almost all of the barefoot characters' requests. JoeH is just trying to look like Karazu, and that's all, sorry
    18 Dec 2019 17:15
  • sabakunogaara: thank you very much joeh, I wish we could see her boobs if you can edit and show her boobs i appreciate. Finally another artist of the same caliber as Rex, I still think you are Karazu with new nick.
    18 Dec 2019 15:30