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Beacon: Bathroom after class

By Request from Vld66613: Weiss Schnee (in her first Huntress outfit) fucked by Cardin Winchester (https://rwby.fandom.com/wiki/Cardin_Winchester) over the sink in the bathroom, her back against the mirror, behind them just in front of the standing toilets, Ruby Rose (first outfit) is masturbating while blowing Russel Thrush (https://rwby.fandom.com/wiki/Russel_Thrush). If possible, but not necessary, Blake and Yang are watching from a window, Yang filming with her scroll, a big grin and a thumbs up, Blake with a blush and her lips forming an 'O'.

Characters: Weiss Schnee, Ruby Rose,

Tags: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Masturbation,

21 November 2022
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  • Vld66613: Pretty cool, thanks.
    24 Nov 2022 06:13