ATTENTION: Fanpixxx Request Restrictions [UPDATED]

This is just a request reminder to all members. Please take note that any request involving/including any Disney (or any company under Disney) character, unfortunately, can't be granted. This is due to their strict copyright rules/restrictions. This also applies to Marvel and DC (and anything under them) characters. If you have any request that includes these characters, please consider changing them. Thank you and we appreciate your understanding regarding this matter. [UPDATE] Please also note that cosplay requests are STILL ALLOWED. Only the characters themselves are unfortunately restricted (again, due to copyright issues with the aforementioned companies). [UPDATE] Only reason this restriction is in place is because we have received copyright infringement notices in the past from the aforementioned companies regarding these characters. *To sabakunogaara: your request also includes a Disney character. You can change the character on your request. I have already finished the sketches for your request and all the specifics of it and the only thing I'm waiting for is to change the character. You can reply to this post regarding that so I can finish your request ASAP. Thanks! **I haven't reviewed all requests yet but if anyone else made their request including characters we've mentioned above, please change them to comply with the respective companies' copyright restrictions. Thanks!


Posted by Joe

24 April 2016
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  • Chaos: Hi Westes Honestly I just can't get why October/November will not be as fun then :/ ? Well it's a bit sad that now members won't be able ask any cosplay requests around super-hero and Disney shows but still there is many non- Disney cartoons, tv-shows, video games, movies and animes after all! By the way, Fanpixxx have some unical exclusive opinion that other pixxes haven't! It is the Cross-overs and for Halloween people may ask crossovers where characters from different anime cosplaing each o...
    thers, for example; Sailor Moon dressed like Madoka and Madoka dressed like Sailor Moon and they both doing some naughty lesbian stuffs to each others As for Fanpixxx have much more better potential than others pixxxes and gonna be the main star to this October/November
    25 Apr 2016 07:59
  • Westes: Aw, c'm...ooon! It's called "parody" for a reason! Fan arts, porn or not, have been around ever since franchises first established a fanbase, and it's not affecting their companies negatively in ANY WAY AT ALL. Restricting fans to express their love, in any shape or form, for these franchises will just make us care less for them in the long run, because creating artwork and not being able to share them is just boring for most of us. Are just their costumes not allowed anymore, too? October/No...
    vember will not be as fun then :/ Even porn in the past had cosplay scenes. Are those restricted now, too? Then again, it's just porn, so it may not be all that serious... but it still sucks!
    24 Apr 2016 09:29

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