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Asuna's Sex Training

By Request from hk4112: Yuuki Asuna like this https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4917069 except she is moaning in pleasure

Characters: Yuuki Asuna,

Tags: Kirito, Asuna, Renchi, Request, Sword Art Online, Cumshots, Gangbang, Hentai Key, Hentai, Pixxx, Fanpixxx,

17 June 2020
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  • Renchi: @zVortexz We are not allowed to accept/draw futanari request. Regarding requests, i follow a first come first serve rule and it is unfair to skip a request. I am trying my best to finish all request to cater more in the future. @Vsostav i apologize that i was not that active like before as i was having personal tasks myself. I used to upload more than 4 times a week before and i am trying to achieve that again. Will upload atleast every day or every other day from...
    now on. @zVortexz @Vsostav thank you.
    23 Jun 2020 16:20
  • Vsostav: You was expecting to get at least two of your request done by being a member for two weeks ?! You're quite optimistic. I guess you should have noticed already how everything really works: With Renchi you may get done only one request, with Joeh needs a patience because he doing requests by method from old to newest by date when requests been asked and following the rule 1 member - 1 artwork a month, so newcomers needs wait months to get their requests done by Joeh. With Rex there is no guarantee...
    - only the lottery doesn't matter you're a regular customer or newcomer, and to win this lottery members should try to find an approach to him to see what he likes to draw and understand what kind of requests will be interesting to Rex, you can also start complaining if he ignores all your ideas for a very long time, sometimes it works but definitely not for newcomers. About feedback, well this is a weak point of pixxxs
    23 Jun 2020 04:35
  • zVortexz: Oh so is like that huh, well I am newcomer It's been around two weeks since I joined and so far 0 requests. I was expecting to get at least two of my request done but i think it won't work like that, I'm from Whentai and Narutobomb but on Narutobomb the updates are very light and on Whentai is constantly but we gotta pay for every request. I've heard Hentaikey pixxxsites and decided to try cause I was told here people usually gets two, three more if lucky but if is like you said then this is goi...
    ng to be the first and last month here mate because I ain't gonna pay $30+ for a picture each month when on Whentai I can get at least 2 with 100 EVs and 100 EVs = $30. I've heard some bad feedback about this site but let's see how things are then I can take my own conclusions :). Thanks for the heads up Vsostav.
    22 Jun 2020 14:53
  • Vsostav: He accept 5-7 requests per week but able to fulfill 2-3 requests per week. In this way all not accepted requests in his queue list turn into never will be done requests. Ask new requests to Renchi is useless but if only you are a newcomer and only once, so that's why your funatari request won't be done doesn't matter he's draw futanari or not
    22 Jun 2020 06:35
  • zVortexz: Renchi I think you've forgot to let us know if you draw futanari or not? and one more thing, mind if I ask if you are going to fulfill all those requestes you've accepted these last weeks? I've seen you accepted around 40 requests just wondering if you really going to draw all that since Rex and joeH are kinda light on updates nowadays.
    21 Jun 2020 19:23
  • zVortexz: Hello the picture won't open, nice art loved the heels.
    17 Jun 2020 19:45