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A Date with the School Nurse

Characters: Highschool Of The Dead,

3 January 2017
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  • joe: No problem. I'll look up your request.
    8 Jan 2017 17:13
  • ZombieYen: Thanks for answer Joe, that was very useful info. But if I got you correctly it's have no sense to make a new requests for you here if it no supposed to be holiday/crossover/costume themed requests as your priority. Then you may take my very old idea for you as the costume/crossover request, after all, the costumes was of the main themes there Thanks in advance
    5 Jan 2017 12:44
  • joe: I'll do that right after the themed requests of course. And I'll be prioritizing the oldest ones. Please consider that I'm not always on fanpixxx. So if your request takes longer than 1 month and I'm not available, you can have the current artist do that for you instead. Hopefully soon, I can stay on fanpixxx much longer.
    5 Jan 2017 11:37
  • ZombieYen: But when you resuming doing the non holiday/crossover themed requests that awaiting since March 2016 ? This March I guess.
    3 Jan 2017 23:33
  • joe: Thanks.
    3 Jan 2017 20:25
  • Thobias: Sexy Art Joe!
    3 Jan 2017 19:40