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Jean’s SEX Shop

Posted on February 22nd, 2016 by Lexus 18 votes, average: 4.33 out of 518 votes, average: 4.33 out of 518 votes, average: 4.33 out of 518 votes, average: 4.33 out of 518 votes, average: 4.33 out of 5 (18 votes, average: 4.33 out of 5, rated)

Requested by deathstroke

  • Edits done: brightness/changed position 

I'll be on BLEACHPIXXX this week.  

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  1. Don/fish1337 says:

    nice to hear you are back on bleach

    i have a question: I made two requests in january but couldn’t find them when browing the que list (only the one for akame ga kill wich i exidanly posted on bleachpixx instea of fanpixxx^^)

    i reposted them now

    • Lexus says:

      i have no ideas on what is happening on requests, i only check whose next and draw. So i have no idea where they are. :(
      yeah u placed ur request on bpixxx, let me know what will we do with that?

  2. Deathstroke says:

    Good image but i guess you missed some stuff Lexus… i requested to be anal and i think you also forgot the part where i mention ‘see if you manage to show both shoes’… are you paying attention on your requests descriptions lately Lexus? If you cannot or are not in mood of drawing shoes would you at least fix and make it anal please?

    Plus this costume doesn’t include stockings but that nevermind

  3. Deathstroke says:

    Hope my other comment be approved IF NOT please read Lexus i also forgot to mention the image is too white can you fix that too?

  4. sabakunogaara says:

    Lexus why our requests are all being deleted around sites??? I first thought it was an issue but it seems not the administrator are REALLY deleting our requests i would like to know the reason of why is this happening.Do they know if they keep deleting the requests soon we customers/members can stop renewing our subscriptions and stop submiting requests for this site?

    I reposted it just now and i won’t be doing same again. If i have to repost my request again i’ll cancel my subscription because we are paid customers and not a bunch of dumbasses to feed sites who reset requests every week…

    • Lexus says:

      I dont know, Artists aren’t allowed to delete requests anymore, so i dont know what is happening, Im sure the Admins have a pretty good explanation for it. If there are concerns regarding other stuff other than the picture and requests description change, feel free to contact support. Sorry i cannot answer your inquiry.

  5. SlevinKelevra says:

    Sorry to bother you but do you know why the requests i’ve submited for you ‘Lexus’ are all gone? i had to repost everything again. I’m pretty sure i used those new savetexts.

    I became a big fan of your art after seeing some of your work and this picture over here is simply outstanding.

    • Lexus says:

      I dont exactly know what happens to the requests, we are not allowed to delete them, so im nnot really sure what happened, if there are concerns you can message support :) and thanks! Glad you like my works !

  6. Deathstroke says:

    Thanks alot for fixing my request Lexus i finally got this request done properly (90%) and it’s ok about not adding shoes i understand and you are not paid for modifications you do because you’re nice, you are the reason of why many people still sign up for HK again. I’ll drop another one for you more forward but for for now i can say i’m pretty satisfied you realized my dream

    I have a couple more for you on other sites if them weren’t deleted please take your time for those there are more people waiting too.

  7. maximusmeridian says:

    Bloody hell!!! your name is Lexus right? man you just made one of the hottest Jeanes around ethernet O_O do you realize that? i tried to drop this comment but i had to become a paid member to do it and since i became a member why not to submit a request for you with our lovely Jeane again :). This is a masterpiece very well requested man great really great work this site has luck to have a such good artist as you here and i hope you won’t take long to do my request because i’m looking forward to fap for this!!!!

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