Taste-testing Megumi

Requested by Mercury. [Characters: Megumi Tadokoro; Takumi Aldini] [Show: Shokugeki no Soma]

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  1. LinkAraa says:

    Thank you very much for confirmed my words Joe, Rex and others artists. You any can’t see the members requests anymore because queqe list is broken. That’s why some artists like Sven and Ramiune completely stopped drawing any members requests while others like you may drawing only requests from old queqe list. No more requests from newcomers and active members.
    Just wondering when HKey admins gonna let members officially know about this serious problem. Probably NEVER ! Because it will be very very bad for bussiness. Many people will be cancel their accounts becaust there haven’t any reason to keep paying if they can’t make requests anymore

    • mexters says:

      That’s perfectly explain why my Halloween request didn’t happened. Thank you for info. Now I’ll do to stop my membership cuz have any sense to keep support this shitty company in situation like that

  2. Monsieur says:

    So the suggestion systen being a dead and members can’t make requests for a while but HK had keeped in secret this very important information. Smells like a clasic cheating’
    My Halloween request wasn’t considered too, interesting how many others members got in situation like me Maybe should make some poll among members about it

  3. LinkAraa says:

    Now, when the broken suggestion system is not secret anymore and you and others artists can’t accepting new requests from members, how about old requests from old queue list ? I wouldn’t mind if you’ll be drawing my last request to you from old request list, Joe
    It’s better than nothing I guess

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