Quistis Trepe FF8

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  1. Deathstroke says:

    Now we are talking, though she’s much better with glasses and her breasts are not that big it’s a nice image Lexus, she’s one of my favorite ladies on FF series after my loved Lulu(hope to see she here). Now please allow me to tell you something…

    Please understand that i’m NOT here to tell you what to do not to do but i really think you should focus in one site only regardless the site here or any other is up to you, though i really wanted you stay here(Fanpixxx) because this site give you more freedom and you can pratically draw anything… but to make this post HUGE i’ll resume… I suggest you accepting a few requests if you can since members are able to drop em for you. The more requests you ‘leave to draw later’ the more them accumulate and i really doubt you’ll be able to fulfill all the requests for whentai, bleachpixxx, fairytailpixxx and fanpixxx, so my suggestion is that you start on your requests here asap, for your own sake.

    Like i said it’s only my suggestion you don’t even need reply or follow. Just think about that and take the best decision that you think is better for you. Merry Christmas and Happy new year with success and full of health to you and you family :).

  2. Sasuke -fms- says:

    Yea, nice to see some final fantasy girls

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