Requested MaraFansa. [Characters: Shihoru; Mary; Yume] [Show: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash]

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  1. Lilly2019ko says:

    Bleachpixxx halloween costumes Lexus

  2. Lilly2019ko says:

    Bleachpixxx halloween bleach brave souls

  3. Plumbus says:

    Can someone tell rex that comments doesn’t show up on narutopixxx?

  4. LinkAraa says:

    @ Joe I thought you’ll start doing Halloween requests around November time.
    Ah wait a minute, it’s must be very hard-almost impossible to start doing those requests when the queue list is broken and you can’t see any Halloween request, ne?

    • Wolfer says:

      Or maybe Joe is just liar (this isn’t a big news for a while)
      But anyway I wound’t surprise if your “broken queqe list” theory is the truth

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