Cute And Dangerous

suggested by Jijio

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  1. Rick says:

    Do none of the artists communicate with one another? Are requests not removed from the queue? Another picture, also called “Cute and Dangerous,” was posted by Sven on 14/Mar/2018. Now here we are almost two months later, 02/May/2018, with another picture called “Cute and Dangerous,” from the same requester, but this time done by EcchiZen. Why do some people that request get their shit done multiple times by different artists? Seems unfair to the other people requesting images.

    • fanpixxx says:

      that’s because some members still submits repetitive floods posted on each artists’ list. We have been lenient in advising member/s to refrain from posting the same request on different artists as when you submit your request in the form, it automatically gives the queued items to the artist. Artists don’t see each other’s list as they automatically work on their own list, the artist however can detect duplicates in their own list and delete it.

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