>Q. Who are you?

>A. Just call me Nabe, and I like to draw. Booyah!

>Q. What is your site about?

>A. Pretty sure you can tell it’s all about the show Fairy Tail and its various characters skoodilypooping. If there’s anything to be said about the manga and the show, it’s that the whole thingy’s just begging for some Rule 34 love.

>Q. Is all the content was originally from you?

>A. That they are, folks. That they are.

>Q. What are your main inspirations?

>A. No bigger inspiration than the source material itself. Being one of those stories with loads of characters, too many of them easy on the eyes, and its author not minding all the fanservice, we got us a goldmine of awesome sexiness. But because the really good stuff ain’t gonna draw by themselves, well, that’s what I’m here for.

>Q What has been your most important achievement in life so far?

>A. Not pandering for all your feels here, but my life’s not always like this, so I tend look at myself right now as hitting a sweet deal drawing anime girls for a living and being able to enjoy it. Ain’t nothing sweeter.

>Q. What projects do you hope to work on in the future?

>A. I’d like to do indie games and toons. Who knows, any of you folks might be seeing them someday. One game at a time, I suppose, as my favorite half-man would say.

>Q. How would you rate yourself from 1- 10 base on artist experience?

>A. Gotta admit, I always look at myself as an 8. Sets my mind up so there’s always room for improvement, and to avoid getting all too cocky.

>Q. Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?

>A. Maybe drawing more anime chicks, or probably doing something else involving them. Pretty sure there’d be more big things after Fairy Tail in the future.

>Q. Who is your favorite Fairy Tail character, and why?

>A. Reedus, coz he likes to draw. Booyah! Also Laki, my waifu (dibs!).

>Q. How can I request for artwork?

>A. Register at HentaiKey and log yourselves here, post your request in the Suggestions box. Easy, innit?